Cartoon strips

Here are two of my cartoon strip ideas. The latest, Balloon & Daisy, is a gentle tale of imagination and friendship. The strip has two central characters, Daisy, a precocious little girl and Balloon, a balloon.

The other strip, “Swashbuckle,” was born of my love of sailboats, naval history and B-movies.


These are illustrations created for feature stories in the daily newspaper. Pen and ink (and a couple of pencil) with color added in Photoshop.

Illustration: children

These are illustrations for newspaper feature articles dealing with children and parenting.


I try to capture a moment when the magic of light and atmosphere combine with the alchemy of pigment., Watercolor is wonderful for the spontaneity and energy it can create. I seem to be draw toward the more impressionistic side of the medium. Striving to create a mood, a sense of time and place, that fleeting moment when the lighting is just right and the colors touch the soul.